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Where the Best-Paying Temp Jobs Are Now

If you've got the skills, these industries are hiring

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It's no surprise that so-called temporary jobs have been easier to get than permanent employment, years after the Great Recession ended. A new study shows that there's a real boom in those no-ties jobs, for workers who have the right skills.

If you're willing to take a shot, there's even a chance of a permanent full-time job down the road.
That's the message of a new report by CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI). They trawled through a database that pulls from more than 90 national and state employment resources to find out what jobs are in demand, and where they're most likely to be found.

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Here are the jobs in middle-to-high-paying fields that are showing the most growth in demand in 2014. They're listed in order of the greatest growth in openings, with the median hourly earnings they pay:
All of these job categories showed a 3 to 4 percent growth in demand from 2013 to 2014.

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A Rise in Temp Jobs

If these job skills are in the highest demand, the general trend is clear. Nearly 3 million Americans were employed in temporary jobs in 2013, an increase of 28 percent since 2010, according to EMSI. That far outpaces the 5 percent growth rate for all jobs.
In a new Harris Poll commissioned by CareerBuilder, 42 percent of employers reported that they plan to hire temporary or contract workers in 2014, up from 40 percent last year.
Of these employers, some 43 percent plan to transition some of their temporary employees into full-time, permanent staff jobs.
“Coming off of a hard-hitting recession, companies want more flexibility in their workforce to quickly ramp up and ramp down their businesses as needed. Temporary workers provide that flexibility,” said Eric Gilpin, president of CareerBuilder's Staffing & Recruiting Group, in a statement. “Temporary employment is growing across industries and metros, and providing great opportunities for workers to test-drive different work experiences and network with employers.”

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