What Questions Do You Have About Sex and Growing Older?

Submit your questions and we'll choose one to investigate

We are trying something new at Next Avenue: We want to know what you would like us to investigate and report.

We’ll provide a broad topical area to help you begin to think about the questions you would like to ask. Although we plan to explore a variety of topics, the first will be sex and growing older.

Please know that we aren’t just being salacious. We’ve learned from reader feedback that sex, sexual health and sexuality are all topical areas that interest you, and we realize it can be difficult to find reliable, relevant information about them online. We would like to provide that (and next week we’ll move on to a different topic area).

Here’s how it will work:

  • You can submit your question (below on this page).
  • We will put three of the top questions up for a vote.
  • You will vote on the question you most want to see answered.
  • We will research, investigate and write a story reporting the answer to that question.

For this one, maybe you’d like to know about whether the generic versions of Viagra are safe. Maybe you are wondering about how to learn about a potential sexual partner’s intimate past. Perhaps you’re wondering about how menopause affects sex.

We will ask you to give your name and email address, but you may choose not to have that information posted publicly. We also won’t share your information outside of Next Avenue.

What questions do you have about sex and growing older that you’d like Next Avenue to answer?

Type it into the box below and give it a shot:

You can check next week to see if your question is in the top 3 and vote for your favorite.

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