Senior Dog Retirement Home: The Heartwarming Video

It’s the last place these dogs will live, but it will be filled with love

In Gaithersburg, Md., Sher Povinale owns and runs House with a Heart, a retirement home for older, unwanted dogs. With a network of volunteers and generous donors, the center has helped dozens of animals.

“We have dogs come to live with us until the end of their life,” Povinale says. “We make sure the end of their life is full of love and caring, lots of attention and all the medical care they need.”

Most of the animals come from pet rescue organizations or from people who can’t take care of their pets anymore — perhaps because their owner is moving to a nursing home or has passed away.

“These dogs come to stay with us, and there’s no longer any worries they’ll be passed along again,” Povinale explains. “This is the end, but it’s a happy end.”

Watch National Geographic‘s heartwarming profile of House with a Heart, and make sure to have a tissue handy for the end:

By Josh Walker
Josh Walker is the social media manager at Next Avenue. A longtime social media expert, he's also a former assistant managing editor at Parents magazine, and a former special projects editor at MORE magazine.
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