Our Challenge: Write Your Six-Word Memoir

Here's how Next Avenue readers sum up their life stories

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We recently issued a challenge on Next Avenue’s Facebook page:  Write your memoir in just six words.

The reaction was stunning. Hundreds of responses flooded in. The pithy life stories our readers shared with us ranged from humorous to wistful. Some even moved us to tears.

Below are a few of our favorites, just a small slice of the the wisdom, joy and wit our readers have to share with the world. We hope you enjoy them and, if you haven’t already, we welcome you to go to our Facebook page and add yours to the list.

Memoirs in Six Words

“Bone marrow donor, bone marrow recipient.” —Jennifer R.

“I almost gave up, but didn’t.” —D.B.

“Lesson, after lesson, after lesson, ahhhhhhh.” —Patricia W.

“I saved the best for last!!” —Janet H.

“I hope I made a difference.” —Randy B.

“Childhood, darkness, struggle, growth, peace, wisdom.” —Sally W.

“My daughter’s death changed me forever.” —Sharyn O.

“Acts of kindness will live on.” —Lee H.

“Every day is another. Keep moving.” —Anne D.

“The best is yet to come . . .” —W.E.

“Learning to breathe is the solution.” —Debra M.

“Time flew faster than I’d planned.” —Tori T.

“Living life. Learned much. What’s next?” —Barbara H.

“I took the road less traveled.” —Al M.

“Been there, done that, ate it.” —Patti A.

“It was/is a fantastic adventure.” —Thea P.

“On with the next fascinating journey.” —Carole K.

“Difficult at times, but worth it.” —Pam H.

“Things didn’t go as expected. That’s fine.” —Laurene M.

“Wife, kids, home, health. Lucky me!” —John S.

“Experience the world every day anew!” —Diane J.

“Loved much, hurt much, still loving.” —Deda P.

“I’m happy when I make things!” —Karen J.

“Finally old enough to know better.” —Bill C.

“Kindness does not go unnoticed.” —Suzy S.

“I met him at a bar . . .” —Virginia H.

“Special needs mama, best kids ever.” —Elizabeth B.

“She fell down, but got up!” —Anne H.

“Don’t rush life. It will come.” —Peter C.

“Began again, and again, and again.” —Maria D.

“Love living single. Found my peace.” —Jo Ann S.

“Yesterday, three children. Now only two.” —Tammy F.

“Got knocked down. Got back up.” —Mary H.

“Love deeply. Work hard. Be kind.” —Laura M.

“I lived a life of curiosity.” —Nancy L.

“Have been on a great adventure.” —Joanne B.

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert FIRST!” —Brenda C.

“I am who I need be.” —Michael C.

“I learned from pain. I grew.” —Jill W.

“It was a roller coaster. Exhilarating.” —Maria G.

“It didn’t go as planned. Fine.” —Maura G.

“There is much more to come.” —Thomas T.

“Lived life out loud. Brave. Adventurous.” —Brenda H.

“Challenges. Growth. More challenges. More growth.” —Stephanie M.

“Birth, love, marriage, family, cancer, courage.” —J. M.

“Looking behind, looking ahead, mostly good.” —Anne P.

“I learned lessons from the elders.” —Diane V.

“I’m getting better all the time!” —Kathy P.

“I became my whole self, eventually.” —Gretchen H.

“I fought breast cancer and won!” —Beth K.

“Learning love is all there is.” —Candy H.

“I truly loved all of it.” —Joseph R.

By Josh Walker
Josh Walker is the social media manager at Next Avenue. A longtime social media expert, he's also a former assistant managing editor at Parents magazine, and a former special projects editor at MORE magazine.
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