Introducing Our Technology Channel

Next Avenue announces our first new channel in six years

You may have noticed a new kid on the Next Avenue block this week.

Positioned at the far right of the navigation at the top of our page is a new addition to our channels: Technology.

Our editors and reporters have covered technology topics for our 50+ audience for years, but we did so within the confines of our other channels — technology as it related to health or caregiving concerns, financial products or using social media, for example. Over the past year, we realized that stories about how to live and age better through technological innovations were important enough to warrant their own space for our readers. Within the new Technology channel, you will find a variety of subtopics: Fitness and Wellness Tech, Financial Tech, Aging in Place, Household Innovations, Social Media and the Internet and Health Care and Longevity Tech.

In addition to featuring all our previous technology stories in the new channel, we plan to publish new ones regularly about technology moving forward. We hope you find our tech content as useful and actionable as all of our other Next Avenue stories.

Plus, we figure, what better time to add a sixth channel than our sixth anniversary?

By Shayla Thiel Stern
Shayla is the former Director of Editorial and Content for Next Avenue at Twin Cities PBS.@shayla_stern
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